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What we do

Software platforms are the future.

User experience, individualization and highly dynamic software platforms correspond to our conviction.



The secret of success of our solutions? We design them as simple as possible, so that they can be understood easily.



Everything always according to plan? No, the future is unpredictable and radical - that's why we are agile, flexible and not afraid to turn away from the plan.



Too fast? Speed in innovation cycles is a decisive success factor, which is why we work with lean structures, little legacy and state-of-the-art solutions.

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What we do

Our Vision

Data analysis, artificial intelligence and individualization guarantee the best user experience.

What we do



A simple solution where our customer does not have to worry about anything and can consume all content at any time and on any device - that is our vision.

Our IPTV solution is based on state-of-the-art software platforms and is characterized by the fact that customers can consume their content on different devices at any time. We implement our IPTV systems according to the NoOps approach and use artificial intelligence to minimize support costs and guarantee the best user experience.



We offer our customers a complete mobile platform that enables them to provide their own customers and users with a complete mobile offering - on the best network in Switzerland. For this purpose, we have a full range of mobile phones including SIM cards with fully automated logistics and billing processes. As only mutual success counts, especially in the mobile sector, we are happy to offer our future partners sound advice on strategic and operational issues.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

Thanks to our own team of experts and cooperation with the Switzerland Innovation Park, universities of applied sciences and various start-ups, we are always one step ahead of digitalisation. With this powerful ecosystem, we offer our customers project-oriented studies for innovative new services and products.

YUU by Quickline

Our brand

In the coming weeks we will offer our products under the brand YUU. With YUU we want to offer our customers a new, simple, affordable and personalized product with the best entertainment experience.

Our customers

Our customers are companies with needs in digitalization, for example:

  • Telecommunications company
  • Cable network companies and energy suppliers
  • Companies with needs for TV/mobile and in the context of digitalization
  • End customers in Switzerland